Bugs N Slugs Printing Paper Board Game

Bugs N Slugs Printing Paper Board Game

Bugs and cockroaches is a Canadian home educational board game which popular around the world. A variety of insects, reptiles and sticky sliders are interesting in your home, garden and around the world.

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Bugs N Slugs Printing Paper Board Game

A whole Bugs N Slugs include cards, 1 board, 6 pawns and dice. It is a fun board game to play with family. Its problems are almost all kinds of choices, or "true or fake" style, for young children, play The game is easier. The event gives the players more than just a problem, and there are squares on the board to look at - some are good, some are not very good.

Printing craft

For your needs, we provide full color offset printing and silk screen printing, both of it can ensure the accuracy of the printing. Clear and bold colors protect the player’s eyesight. UV ink fastening speed, good conjunctival performance, a variety of substrate materials with good adhesion, and scratch resistance, wear resistance than ordinary ink. UV ink can make the printing process clean and environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, suitable for continuous production, and excellent UV curing products. It has excellent quality that is incomparable in other curing methods in terms of gloss, abrasion resistance, hardness, solvent resistance and appearance.

About CYW

CYW is professional manufacturer specialized in custom board games, game accessories, card games manufacturing. We have professional team and can provide one-stop service from designing, manufacturing, assembling to packaging and shipping services. Our products are all tailored specifically to your needs- size, printing, quantity, etc. 


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