Kids Card Games Set Custom Printing

Kids Card Games Set Custom Printing

Have you ever suffered from attacks of “I’m bored” and “ I have nothing to do” from your children on rainy weekends or school nights? CYW offers a perfect solution to your problems, that is, our large variety of age-appropriate games!

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kids card games set custom printing


We believe a great card game can’t be made without high quality printing effects. Thanks to our rich experience, we take advantage of advanced printers to deliver superior printing results. The high level automation of our offset printer ensures flexibility, speed and cost efficiency. During the process of our offset printing, the inked image is transferred from a printing plate onto a rubber blanket that then conforms closely to the printing surface whilst transferring the image. That’s why our offset printing produces the clean precise type, sharper images and consistent color reproduction. Thanks to our latest Heidelberg printer that is the ultimate dream printing machine, we can print the tip-top quality double-sided items in a single pass. Our electronically operated machines allow us to control ink levels meticulously to produce the incredibly precise results. The vibrant and beautifully printed game cards are sure to give you wonderful surprises and great playing satisfaction.


Our kid card games are 100 percent safe to play, as they are made from all eco-friendly materials. Our company never uses anything less than premium quality, so our products have been widely recognized by quite a few international toy safety certificate associations, like The International Council of Toy Industries, American Society for Testing and Materials and EN71. These organizations are also responsible for inspecting each major phrase of our production process, like pre-production, in-line and pre-shipping inspections. It is guaranteed that our finished products fully meet the most rigorous possible standards.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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