​military Strategy War Card Games Set Printing

​military Strategy War Card Games Set Printing

War-themed card games not only help people let off steam, but foster the strategic thinking in players. CYW provides a wide choice of war card games, such as Lord of the ring, Game of thrones and Blood pool set, to name a few.

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military strategy war card games set printing


Our wide-ranging war card games are certified by most prestigious toy safety organizations in both the United States and Europe. At CYW, you can choose card games from our extensive stock, or customize your own games.


As part of efforts to protect environment, our game cards are made from fully recyclable materials to minimize the impact on our planet. These premium materials also ensure the longer lifespan of game cards. Thanks to our advanced technologies and exquisite craftsmanship, we produce the best possible printing results. You have a large number of colors for you to choose from, that is to say, we can print almost every color you can think of or any color in between. With specialized sophisticated offset printing, your photo quality prints are sure to stand out. The size of the dot (halftone) used in our offset printing process is 175 lines per inch, which ensures our printed images look sharper and resemble a photograph. The average printing techniques only have 100 lines per inch, so their larger size of dot makes screened images look grainy. In addition to offset printers, we also have flexo printers, silk-screen printers and many more. As to varnishes, we offer many choices such as glossy, matte, spot UV, emboss or deboss, silver and gold foil. Sometimes, to achieve certain effects, we use the combination of two or three finishes.


From creation to production, we are capable of offering you professional service and suggestions and you can make the informed decisions.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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