Custom Printable Rummy Card Game Playing Card Printing

Custom Printable Rummy Card Game Playing Card Printing

The player matches according to the score of the hand card, and the one with the highest points scores. When your useless or unmatched cards score lower than your opponent’s, play the cards and terminate the game. Rummy games are popular in India.

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Custom printable Rummy card game playing card printing

Rummy is a popular India card game in the world. With any possible number of player 2 to 8, jokers can help players to win the game. It is an easy card game perfectly for the parties, casinos and family events, other venues such as restaurants and bars, are suitable for playing rummy card game as well.


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Image it, design it

We are specialized in custom printable rummy card game deck playing card printing. Custom cards gives players a new visual experience. You can select favorite picture, memorable words or slogans, even company logos to printed on the surface. You image it, we design it. For your special invention of custom card games, our graphic design team in USA provide service and integration of the idea of both, design products that meet your and market requirements. Our game cards are made by high quality casino game cards, they are bendable and can be used for a long life time.

CYW productive forces

New production lines set up and machine using, our productivity can rise up 20% and cut the operation costs by 30%. Our factory can manufacturing 50,000 units per mouth. Small order are also accepted. The company regularly trains the factory's technical staff to get the latest resources and technology. Continuously improve manufacturing quality and quantity by the employee training about manufacturing efficiency and quality control.


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