2017 Custom Basketball Trading Cards Printing Unique Blueprint

2017 Custom Basketball Trading Cards Printing Unique Blueprint

Custom basketball trading cards are quite popular among the basketball fans. We will research the file provided by our customers. Then, we reply our customers with a professional design blueprint. Customers can require us to adjust or improve any aspects of product design. We can ship a proof for you for free to ensure the quality of trading cards.

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Custom basketball trading cards printing


Basketball trading cards are one of the popular sports cards, which belong to trading cards. Basketball cards usually have one or more stars coming from national basketball association, Olympic basketball and national collegiate athletic association etc. Usually there is a popular basketball star image like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in one side of the trading cards and some descriptions about this star near the picture on the reverse. To collect the full set of basketball cards, people would like to trade basketball cards while some are difficult to collect.These precious basketball cards have high values. Various aspects like edges, corners, surface of the basketball cards influences on its values as well. 


We are specialized in printing custom basketball trading cards for decades offering a wide variation of card templates to cater your every need.  Protective UV-coating gloss of basketball trading cards with double-sized is offered by our manufacturer. No matter the size, the color, the design pattern or the ink or the paper, you are welcomed to pick that one appeals to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Email: boardgame@cywproduction.com





Type: Trading cards

Material: Gray/blue paper

Comment Size: 57*87MM/63*88MM

Number of cards per deck: Custom

Customization: Each card can be customized individually both front and back as required. 

If you are the designer, email us to required the cards template to set up.

Dimension: Poker Size 63×88 mm (2.5"×3.5") or Bridge Size 57×87 mm (2.25"×3.5")

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