2017 Custom Football Trading Cards Printing Experienced Maker of Trading Cards

2017 Custom Football Trading Cards Printing Experienced Maker of Trading Cards

A trading card is a small card, usually made of cardboard or thick paper. It can be used as part of a game, containing images of a person, place or thing, and a short description of the picture, or other text.

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Custom football trading cards printing

Football cards are another popular trading cards in United States. To collect the whole series of trading cards, people will trade football cards with their friends or strangers. Marcus’ Tobacco produced the first football cards in 1898 in England. To promote their tobacco advertisement, they put the tobacco ads on the back of the football cards and featured the images of football players on the front of the sport trading cards, which had achieved the success. The promotion method of Marcus’ Tobacco is still useful in modern world. Feature the stars of football players and their information and then add the ads of products or service of the companies.

Efficiency and equipment

The factory has a number of advanced card production lines, with a daily output of about 100,000, to meet customers to produce 270-300 grams of different thickness, different specifications of playing cards, learning cards and game cards. Heidelberg four-color offset press, automatic poker slitting machine, large-scale high-efficiency poker glazing machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic folder-gluing machine and other world-class printing and packaging production equipment.

Trading card professional maker 

Our company has printed sports trading cards for decades which has its own competitiveness. All dimensions of football cards can be changed to cater your various needs with final purpose to promote your cards. You can decide what you want to print both the front and back of football cards. If needed, we have a professional design team owning the excellent design ability to create popular football trading cards and other sports trading cards for you. 

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