Cooperating with CYW Board Game

1. How do I get an estimated cost?

We can provide a production cost based on clients’ requirements. If you want an exact manufacturing cost, please tell us your detail requirements of products. The details probably can be divided into three aspects, your requirements on all of aspects of your products (eg. size, color, material, complexity), the manufacturing period and planned manufacturing quantity.


2. What makes CYW Board Game different?

Firstly, we have designed and manufactured board game products for many years. Moreover, we have one-stop service from design, mass production to shipping. Finally, we have a team of experts to control the quality of our products.

3. Where do you manufacture?

Our factory is located in Jimo (Qingdao, Shandong).



1. How about your design team?

We work with the U.S. board game manufacturing to perfect the appearance of products.


2. Can I come up with any advises?

Sure. We are glad to hear creative ideas from you. As custom board game products, we cannot produce satisfied products without your idea. Please feel free to tell us any advises. We will adjust/improve any components of products for you as soon as possible.


3. What digital files can you accept?

We accept most of the files, such as:CAD, 3DMAX, JPG, PDF, CDR, AI, TIFF.



1. How about the lead-time of board game manufacturing?

It depends on the complexity, but usually lead-time is 30 days.

2. What about quality control?

Quality control is an essential step of our manufacturing. We have a team of board game manufacturing specialists to check each detail of product in the producing process. Our quality control criteria specifically regulated each component of our products.

3. Can I order the custom board game products?

Yes. This is a characteristic service of our company. We can design and manufacture any kinds of products according to your requirements. Our board game manufacturing experts will regularly communicate with you to totally understand your idea.

4. How long does it typically take to manufacture a proof?

If we have the familiar proof, we can send to you freely in 3-7 days. If you require the customized proof, we can send to you in 7-10 days. The proof is free, but the freight should be paid by yourself.



1. Where can my products be shipped?

Your products can be shipped globally. Also, all of the shipping types are acceptable for us.

2. How about the shipping period and cost?

It depends on your shipping destination. Please tell us a required shipping destination, we will reply an estimated shipping period and cost to you.


Getting started

1. How many steps do I need to take?

Step 1 we estimate board game product design & manufacturing.

Tell us your creative idea by e-mail or phone number. We will give you the estimated or formal quotation and lead-time in 3-5 working days.


Step2 we help you to decide the initial design of board game product.

After you submit the payment, our printing specialists provide one-on-one board game design assistance for you.


Step 3 we provide a proof for you to preview.

After our discussion about product design, we will send a proof for you freely, which usually take 7-10 days.


Step 4 we adjust the details of board game products according to your feedback.

You can give some feedback for us to improve your products. We will further communicate with you to double check that everything is exactly the way you want.


Step 5 we manufacture the board game product in terms of your order.

We guarantee we will manufacture the printing product as soon as possible. After that, we will arrange the specialized team to check the quality of your products.


Step 6 we ship the board game product to the location you specified.

After the quality control of the products, your order will be delivered to your location of choice anywhere globally.

Ready to get started? Just finish our quotation form and send that to our company e-mail (sales@cywprinting.com).


2. How about the minimum order quantity?

We have flexible order quantity. You can communicate with us by e-mail (sales@cywprinting.com).


3. What information do you need to get started with board game manufacturing?

Anything you want for your board game products.

Product details (descriptions, dimensions, size, color, materials, digital files package and so on).

Planned manufacturing quantity

Estimated lead-time

Shipping destination