Advertising poker manufacturers in the printing of cards when the back of the white side of what role

- Apr 07, 2017-

First, you can weaken or avoid the color caused by the impact. Now the printing technology can not completely solve the problem of poker back color. Plus a white side, resulting in a visual sense of error, so that color is not easy to be found, or looks not obvious. In fact, the color still exists.

 Second, let the burrs look no longer so ugly. We all know, just printed out of the poker is no burr. But in the process of playing, as people continue to shuffle the process will appear burr. The phenomenon of the burr is the color of the back of the poker, leaving the color of the paper itself. This is also unavoidable, unless you do not play, play will appear burr. If the back of the color is relatively deep, or the difference between the color and the paper is relatively large, this flash is very obvious, it is difficult to see. Because the paper is white, so the poker manufacturers as long as the addition of a white side, this burnt phenomenon is not easy to see.

 Above these are the benefits of white side. But there is also a little bit of bad white edge, that is, the sidelines will look more obvious. Marginal human factor is relatively large, you can try to narrow, compared to the lighter to take its light, so we still emphasis on white side. Of course, if you will design, in fact, can not white side. For example, with white as the overall background, or close to the white color to do the back, try to make a little more color, the impact of a little bigger, so that color and burnt is not easy to find this is also feasible. It depends on the designer of the poker printing knowledge of the degree of mastery.

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