Advertising poker production process

- Apr 07, 2017-

A poker card, at least to go through printing, grouting, dry, calendering, oil. Die cutting, sub-packaging and other processes. (The owner of the note: grouting, dry, calendering. Now with special paper is not the process) because the general printing shop without special poker follow-up processing equipment, while the lack of skilled workers, the lack of specialized quality inspectors, of course, lack of Price competitiveness. Some production plants in order to attract the printing business, what words are said that the end can not only delay the customer, but also lost their credibility. Poker production process, the quality of the problems encountered by a brief summary of the following points: Poker cards can scratch your fingers, because the use of the subsequent production of the usual use of sharp die cutter, die cutting can not make a little burr Processing; die-cutting is not allowed, because each poker is a separate die-cutting, the results of some card version of the left side of the card, and some cards on the side. The The It is difficult to shuffle the process, the printing is not good, lost the poker entertainment features; incomplete packaging, only the poker core and poker box is not complete Packaging or less card without quality inspection, not a formal product.

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