Board game noun explanation

- Nov 20, 2018-

Board game noun explanation

If you want to further deepen your understanding of board game, you need to know some of the nouns in the board game circle. Today we will bring some introductions to board games.


German games: Originally a type of game designed in Germany. Nowadays, even if some of the board games are not made in Germany, but they have the characteristics of German table games, then such board games are also included in this type of game. German-style board games are designed according to a series of fairly strict guidelines. German-style board games have easy-to-understand rules, including indirect player-to-player confrontation, as well as game discs and chess pieces—but no shakes because of randomness. Not only does the game itself take a short time, but the interval between each person is also very short, so players can start their own rounds without waiting for a long time.


Americanstyle board game: American-style board games. It usually has a very complete theme and incorporates strong role-playing elements. Emphasizes direct competition and conflict between players and players, and is likely to cause some players to quit the game early. The American culture is focused on adventurous spirit, and this type of game is more focused on the stimulation of unknown things, which is why American board games usually contain a certain degree of luck.


Strategy/Severity: In a board game circle, saying that a game has multiples does not mean how the weight of its physical board game is, but rather the degree of tacticality of the game and what kind of criteria the player needs to reach. The word comes from BGG. It appears as the Weight on the BGG. It is one of the important indicators for evaluating board games on the BGG website. It combines the number of accessories, the length of time, and the amount of thinking, mainly reflecting the tactical degree of the game.


Unpacking: It is a display of accessories in a box of new board games, which can be in the form of videos or pictures. This is an important reference for many players to consider whether to start.


TCG: The full name is Trading Card Game. Usually 1V1, the most famous representative works are “Magic” and “kunte”. The biggest feature of this type of games is that it will launch a lot of card packs, and the cards in each pack are random.

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