Classification of board game

- Sep 30, 2018-

Classification of board game

Board game have been popular for decades. Everyone communicates through the game and makes friends. It is a casual way of communication. There are many types of table games. These types are not necessarily absolute, some games may have multiple types of features, and not all board game can be divided into a certain type.


It can be divided into German board games and American board games by region. Traditional German game emphasize simple rules, players are relatively easy to get started and no players will quit the game until end. Some large German-style layout games focus on the individual strategist thinking and rely on a variety of conditions to achieve constraints ans interactions between players. It is more suitable for family entertainment for 2-6 people, so many famous family games have been born: Settlers of Cata, Carcassonne, Power Grid.


American-style board game usually have a very sophisticated theme and are replaced by strong role-playing. The American culture is focused on adventurous spirit, and this type of game is more focused on the stimulation of unknown things; which is why American board game usually contain a certain degree of luck. Later, a physical action game was also derived, requiring players to simulate some behaviors and play the role of Party games in large gatherings. Typical American board games are Monopoly, TWISTER, Axis and Allies.


According to the type of chess, it can be divided into board games and card games. The game mechanics composed of chess pieces + chessboards or simple chess pieces focus on the rules of the game by placing the pieces, moving patterns, and mathematical models of scores. Representative games include: Go, Chess; follow-up works such as: Iceberg, Volcano, Hercules, Mr Jack, and Quest.


Card games focus on the rules of the game around the size, function, score mathematical model, library construction, hand planning management, etc. It also covers the concept of collection and exchange. Representative games are: poker, cards, follow-up works such as: UNO, Tichu, who is the Tauren, the limit, the ancient front, the territory and so on.


If you divide by the nature of the game, there are many classifications. Such as text negotiation class, graphic creative class, limb operation class, layout strategy class, war class, table role playing class. Table games emphasize communication and are a face-to-face game of people. Therefore, the board game has a more pure and more fun gameplay.


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