Comom six logo printing method and process

- Nov 20, 2018-

Common six logo printing method and process

In commercial printing, any printed matter has a logo, which is essential. So what are the ways when the logo is printed?


1,Silk screen printing. Silk screen refers to screen printing. The mark is printed on a paper or other material through a dedicated mesh. There are many advantages of silk screen printing, and it should be widely used in the printing of gift marks. The characteristics of silk screen printing are: it can be printed on the surface of different shapes, the board is soft and will not damage the substrate, and the adhesion is strong.


2,Hot stamping. Also known as embossing, it refers to the text and pattern of materials such as hot stamping foil on the surface of the gift, or the manner in which various patterns or patterns are embossed by hot pressing. Hot stamping is generally used on gift wraps in paper, fabric, and leather. There are colorless hot stamping, monochrome hot stamping, hybrid hot stamping and hot stamping.


3,Oxidation. Oxidation process paper is applied to the printing process of metal gift surfaces such as magnesium alloy. It uses an organic solvent as a medium and uses a tip discharge to create a film pattern or text similar to a ceramic layer on the surface of the product. The oxidation effect on the metal surface is more beautiful than silk screen printing.


4,Pad printing. Pad printing refers to thermal transfer printing. The transfer printing of the gift logo is mainly applied to polyester fiber products, but with the increase of transfer printing. The same can be used for nylon, acrylonitrile, cotton and linen. Printing is divided into wet printing, dry printing, steam printing and other forms. The characteristics of pad printing are that the logo pattern is realistic, the level is clear, and the stereoscopic effect is strong. It is mainly used for precise pattern printing of high-end gifts.


5,Weaving embroidery. Weaving and embroidering refers to the process of weaving and embroidering on the already processed fabrics with needlework according to the requirements of the logo design to complete the logo pattern and color.


6,Laser engraving. The laser engraving principle of the logo is similar to the printed logo on the surface of the gift. The only difference is that laser engraving is to shoot laser light onto various packaging materials such as wood products and acrylic.

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