How to custom board game components

- Sep 08, 2018-

How to custom board game components

A set of board game includes many components, such as board game, cards, boardwalk, notes, token, dice, etc. Some components are small and unremarkable, but they are essential throughout the board game. How to custom game pieces? This is a complicated but detailed process, also, it is very interesting.


In the beginning, you need to determine what type of game you are designing based on. Use the whole to drive the part to think. Otherwise, even if the finished products is designed, it is useless if the game is not matched. Just like a mobile phone, you need to choose a suitable shell, either big or small.

Once you’ve identified the theme you’re pairing with, the next thing you need to think about is the shape and size of the component. You need to think about the prototype of the component you want in your mind. Once you have an idea, write it down or draw it down so that you can modify it. Inspiration from other places, you can also join your draft soon. If it is a particularly complicated three-dimensional shape, you have to express the details clearly.


After completing the first draft of the design, you can choose the materials you have made. Common materials are plastic, wood and iron. Plastic is the most common. Lightweight, colorful, easy to make. The disadvantaged is not easy to recycle. Wooden component s have been used in recent years. In addition to being environmentally friendly and easy to color, also easier to make and can be made into different shapes. Iron products are somewhat rare and the cost is higher. But the finished product will be more graded, full of retro and design sense.


The last item is craftsmanship. It’s important to make the components look more refined. This means whether your final product will appeal to people and want to use it. Different coatings produce different effects. The presence or absence of odors and the possibility of fading should be considered. If you choose the right one, congratulations, you made it!


CYW is a game manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge. Customized game components are exported to European and American markets and have been widely recognized by customers around the world, meanwhile, have reached international quality standards of ASTM, EN71 and ISO. Products are highly regarded in the industry because they are characterized by heat resistance, fineness, environmental protection and practicality. In CYW, skilled technicians and advanced equipment will provide the best game components based on your ideas.

If you don’t know what to look for or can’t find the right one, you can let us know through the inquiry form on our website. There will be professional staff to serve you. 

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