Margin problem in advertising poker printing

- Apr 07, 2017-

The margin problem in advertising poker printing refers to the difference between the actual distance and the design distance of the picture or text near the edge of the advertising poker print. In a variety of prints have a bleeding problem, this is to solve the problem of side effects to bring the actual impact of a method. Usually the bleeding of the print is 3 mm, and from this bleeding 3 mm it can be seen that the margin is 3 mm. But the poker printing requirements of the more sophisticated, we generally want to control in about 1 mm. If the margin is large, then you will see both sides of the wide side of the narrow side of the situation. But this margin is poker printing can not be avoided, but the big and small problems, margin look great is obvious, sidelined small is not very obvious. But no chaos where the sidelines are there. But the good poker printing factory, is absolutely not allowed to close to the national standard. The current national standard for poker printing is less than 2 mm. It is very obvious that it is close to this standard.

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