Military poker printing need to pay attention to matters

- Apr 07, 2017-

1, pay attention to confidentiality. Army poker above some of the propaganda content is the information inside the army, the information used inside the army is no problem, but some content is not outflow, and some are some of the secret forces. Such as what the troops are doing, where, this information can not be casually revealed. So it is important for the poker printing plant to work in the military when playing cards.

2, the quality must be better. Soldiers are generally stationed in the very remote areas of the motherland, with the outside world is basically not linked, the daily life of soldiers is very boring. Ordinary people are very easy to buy the product, for the military in terms of the need for specialized distribution of troops, it is not easy, so the strength of the troops playing cards must be good, so that our people's army, can be used for some time.

3, poker printing plant in the process of poker printing with the soldiers to go straight ahead. The character of the soldier is very straightforward, speak to them, and can not turn around.

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