Physical experience - from video game to board game

- Oct 20, 2018-

Physical experience - from video game to board game

There have been many well-known game works that have entered the ranks of tabletop adaptation. Because compared with online games, the single-player game masterpiece that pays more attention to personal experience will undoubtedly enable fans to play games in a way that emphasizes more interaction under the unique background and world view of ontology games. Another experience.


Do not change the true character of the abuser: "Dark Souls"

The game maker Steamforged Games has a wealth of experience of developing board game. In 2017, it has adapted the stand-along game masterpiece “Dark Soul” into a board game product. In fact, this board game has been a good restore of the main characters, monsters, BOSS models in the game, but also save settings such as the bonfire system, but the difficulty is not as exaggerated as the propaganda.


Insufficient degree of reduction: Bloodborne

Also belonging to the "Soul Series" game, Miyazaki's "The Curse of Blood" is also excellent enough, and there are many similarities between the gameplay mechanism and its previous "Dark Soul". However, the board game adapted from "The Curse of Blood Source" is quite different from the "Dark Soul" board game, and the quality also has a certain gap.


Fantastic and strategic work: The Witcher: Adventure game

Although it already has the famous "Kunte", the popular IP game maker of "Witcher" will naturally not let go. The board game "Witcher: Adventure Game" was created by CD Projekt RED, which produced the "Witcher" series, and Fantasy Flight Games, a well-known board game manufacturer. It is available in both physical and electronic versions.


Experience the vertical and horizontal on the table: Civilization: A New Dawn

The classic level of the "Civilization" series of games is unquestionable, especially "Civilization 6." As a strategy game, "Civilization" is still very suitable for being adapted into a table game. "Civilization: New Dawn" is a board game made by "Civilization 6" by Fantasy Flight Games, a board game company.


The adaptation of popular game IP to board games is nothing wrong, but the content of desktop games to express a video game has obvious congenital limitations. How to combine the interesting rules of board games with the theme of the game is a perfect solution for board game manufacturers and original game authors. CYW is a board game manufacturer with ten years of experience and we have the ability to solve any problem for you.

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