Poker production process on the light

- Apr 07, 2017-

Poker production of the polishing process refers to the surface of the poker production (or spray, printed) on a layer of colorless and transparent paint, by leveling, dry, calendering, curing in the form of playing cards after the formation of A thin and uniform transparent bright layer, to enhance the smooth surface of the carrier, to protect the poker production of graphic finishing processing functions. The glazing process has become an important means of finishing after poker production, which not only makes the poker pattern even more beautifully, but more importantly, it is an important process of forming a moderate smooth feel for poker works. Poker production of the light should be based on the paper to determine the glazing transition, the poker finished products are too slippery, a poker stack when easy to fall; light off, the poker finished too astringent, playing cards do not wash

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