The similarities and difference between board game and video game

- Oct 13, 2018-

The similarities and difference between board game and video game

Board game originated in Germany and have been popular in America and Europe for several years. Many video games are transformed from board games, and many web designers around the world are looking for inspiration in board games.

Video games are software and hardware systems based on the electronic computer technology that are mainly used for entertainment. It mainly includes two categories of online games and stand-alone games. It is a game that involves many people and participates in the internet or LAN. Online games have the two way nature of information exchange, enabling different players to communicate, cooperate and compete through the network.

With the development of technology, the video game program is more complicate, the design is more delicate, interactive, simulation and competitive. Video game have more complex story line or plots. The player’s image is intuitive and complex, with both professional and interpersonal relationships.  It can be said that it is a miniature zoom of human society. Video games generally have beautiful background images and beautiful background music, which have strong visual and auditory impact. To some extent, enhance the appeal of the game.

Table games are also called unplugged games. The main name of this name is to distinguish between computer games, video games, etc. that must be plugged in and used with electronic equipment products. There is no need for any physical activities such as props or types. Such as sports, dance, martial arts and other recreational activities that may be considered "games" by humans or animals.

Unlike sports or video games, table games only need a bunch of friends sitting around the table, no need for a computer, just a pair of chess cards or other props, can produce unlimited joy. Table games are the product of socialization, but also a symbol of family and friendship.

During the game, each player is required to communicate and communicate smoothly with other players. Good negotiation skills are not only important in real life, but also very important skills in the game. And desktop games mostly focus on how to use limited resources to achieve the set goals, focus on the participants' way of thinking, language expression and emotional intelligence, and do not rely on electronic devices and electronic technology.

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