What do you need to spend on making a board game?

- Nov 08, 2018-

What do you need to spend on making a board game?


1, Game box.

At present, the common board game box is a heaven and earth cover, that is, the following uncovered carton holds all the things, and a slightly larger carton buckle on the top. The general material of the box is the outer cover film of the gray board, and the cost varies according to the size.


2, Lining.

Games that require cost control will choose a minimalist 400g single-sided coated paper liner and minimize the design of the liner to reduce labor costs (preferably only need to fold, then stitch, paste paper liner cost and bulb) No problem.


3, Cards.

The main difference in cost is paper, size (shape) and typesetting. Common papers include blue core paper, black core paper, coated paper, and cardboard. The price is reduced in turn and the quality is the same. The size (shape) is mainly affected by the cost of the die. The special size (shape) requires a custom die.


4, Token.

The common token material is 1.5mm gray board double-sided 裱250g gray bottom whiteboard, the cost varies according to quantity and typesetting. In addition to plastic and wooden tokens, the cost is also rising.


5, Model.

The cost of the model is differentiated by size, material, and fineness. If you need to make a mold, the cost is usually different. The material of the model is also very large. It is usually made of resin or plastic, and is usually produced by a die or industrial 3D printer.


6, Map.

Common soft maps with coated paper and hard maps with gray boards. The gray board map is generally used for printing patterns on the front side and the black special paper on the back side to ensure strength.


7, Rulebook. The instructions are generally printed on coated or offset paper. Some short instructions are single-folded, and longer ones are in the form of booklets.


8, Dice. Cost is determined based on size, material, and whether the pattern is customized.


9, Heat shrink packaging. Common in the outer packaging of the box and the package of the knife card.


From design to production, even if it succeeds, the process is hard to see with the naked eye. The object inside the box is only the material cost, only a small part of a board game. CYW is an honest and experienced manufacturer that sets reasonable target amounts to cover the portion of the cost that must be paid to help designers turn their ideas into reality.

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