What does a game need?

- Sep 14, 2018-

What does a game need?

As an ancient way of entertainment, board games, like books, are a product that will never die. It is a face-to-face game with a strong emphasis on communication. Therefore, table games are the best way to communicate in a variety of situations, such as family leisure, friends gathering, and even business leisure. Let's take a look at what a game needs.


A goal

When you introduce a game, the most important thing is what the game means and why you want to play it. The attraction of the game is that it can drive the player to achieve a goal. This purpose is very attractive because the player will follow the game to tell him what to do. Usually, this goal is very clear. No need for the player to blur the exploration.



No rules, no justice. Every game has its own characteristics to regulate the players. It can be said that every game has its own world. The rules of this world are the rules that players follow in the game; the background of this world is the background of the game; everything that happens in this world is that players will understand And the story of the experience; the form of the world here is the style of the game.



People always have a state of surprise for unknown things. New exposure to a game, entering a new world, will inspire people's challenges and curiosity. What the game needs to do is to constantly surprise the player. Because once the player finds out the game's routines and stays the same, they lose interest. All, appropriate to add some small levels in the game, like an oasis in the desert, refreshing. Then the game has the meaning of letting the player enjoy.



The game is to bring fun to people. The game is designed to create a fun experience. You can learn a lot by playing games, but fun is not one of them. Fun comes from the game itself. One of the reasons why the game has become so popular is actually its fun.



A good game will challenge its players. Each brings another challenge, letting them "indulge" in playing games. Let the game have enough opportunities for players to learn and improve. Every challenge should meet a certain learning goal. This helps keep players connected to the game, because every time they play, they improve their skills.


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