What if the customer wants to print a poker but no design capability?

- Apr 07, 2017-

Customers want to print poker but no design capability, we can design on behalf of. We have the ideal design team, fully meet the customer's general design needs. Our design is free, as long as the customer delivers 300 yuan sincerity, we can design for the customer, and the customer delivery of 300 sincerity in the production of poker cards automatically for the purchase price.

Customers to collect the basic elements of the design after the QQ sent to us, we first come up with the first draft for the customer, the customer after reading the draft if not satisfied with the proposed amendment, we can modify, so that many times, until the customer satisfaction finalized The The final method of customer finalization is to finalize the document with ordinary attachments uploaded to our designated mailbox, and specify: "manuscript check correct, finalized."

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