Why advertising poker printing is more expensive than ordinary poker

- Apr 07, 2017-

Poker printing is a traditional labor-intensive industry. A large poker printing plant usually has hundreds of thousands of pants per day, with an annual output of 2 to 300 million pairs of capacity. Because ordinary poker is a stencil, printing and quality inspection are very fixed, workers are easy to train, low cost, high speed operation of production equipment, so playing cards printing factory by scale to win, the larger the cost, the lower the cost.

 Advertising poker printing so expensive, mainly the following factors: First, the production process was interrupted, production capacity decline. Because the number of advertising poker printing is usually less than 50,000 pairs, or even only 10,000, relative to a Nissan nearly a million production lines, the number is very small. According to the actual experience, a daily production of millions of ordinary poker production line, if printed advertising poker, each 50,000, its Nissan capacity will drop to 65 million; if each 10,000, its Nissan capacity dropped to 29 Million, that is, wage costs will increase by 236%. Second, the tax costs. In China, the reality is that ordinary poker in the distribution of various environments (such as commodity trading market) is basically a cash transaction, does not involve tax issues. Advertising Poker Printing generally requires one-on-one official invoices. In China, tax costs are generally 6.5% to 7%. Third, the plate costs and so on. Ordinary poker can basically not consider the plate making costs, and advertising poker printing plate to 3.3% (50,000) ~ 16% (10,000).

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