A New Style Tour At 2018 Essen

- Oct 25, 2018-

A new style tour at 2018 Essen

Essen exhibition is comming soon, sharing six new board games for you.


Holding on: The troubled life of Billy Kerr

The player is a member of hospital hospice care team, will work together to take care of the elderly 60, sudden heart disease, leaving behind Billy Kerr. Through 10 associated replayable scripts, piece together some of the memory fragments learned from Billy, guessing his past life, helping him regain courage and insisting on completing three dying wishes......

The substitution of Holding on is good, and there are many hospital-related simulations. For example, the patient’s condition, nurse scheduling, on-duty nurses, duty nurses have a clear division of responsibilities, etc, very interesting meaning of life.



Planting tomatos, lettuce and carrots in Iceland may sound like a ridiculous idea. However, those who can come up with such an idea simply geniuses. Because of Iceland’s unique climate, it can produce unexpected fruits and vegetables. Bringing this experience to tourists has huge business opportunities, because no one wants to miss such an interesting thing.

Although this is the resources to collect the game, but comparetive characteristic is Reykholk with resources in exchange for scoring manager’s forward way.


Blackout: HongKong

Some midnight in the fall of 2020, Hong Kong suddenly lost power, everything looked normal, but could not find the reason for the power outage. After dawn, people found that nothing could be done, and there was panic and confusion. Players need to manage their ever-changing network resources and hire a variety of experts, while staying alert to competitors.


Underwater: Cities

Mars has been colonized for 40 years, the world’s population is still surplus, and humanity will expand into the underwater world. Players compete with each other to build the best underwater kingdom. The game mechanic is simple. The richness and playability of the game are mainly reflected in a large number of cards. Therefore, it incorporates the work-discharge mechanism and improves the interaction to a certain extent.



In a secret Polynesian religious society, players play a part of arioi. In the action round, players take turns to lead the tribe to various locations. At the ceremony, the players summoned the gods and built huge statues. The winning player will become the new high priest of the tribe.


CYW will continue to follow the Essen exhibition and put more news. As a rich experienced game manufacturer, we provide customized design and production for you. Hope to be your next partner!

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