Board Game From Ancient Times

- Oct 12, 2018-

Board game from ancient times

Many ancient table games have existed for thousands of years, but they have not been completely immersed in the torrent of history, and even revived in a new era with a new attitude. Among them are the classics of Sinat and Maihan, which are popular in ancient Egypt, Pattoli, which is popular in the Americas, and Mankara, which is mainly popular in Africa.


Sinatra: the oldest board game from ancient Egypt.

Sennat is perhaps the oldest table game in the world. It appeared before the rule of the ancient Egyptian dynasty and the funeral of the first dynasty, that is, around 3500 BC and 3100 BC. This is one of the most popular games in ancient Egypt. There are also murals about the game in the murals of the ancient pharaohs of MERKNERA (between 3300 and 2700 BC) and the tombs of the third dynasty of ancient Egypt (2686 to 2613 BC). Utensils. Until now, Sinona, which has a long history, has not yet withdrawn from the historical arena. In the very popular American drama "Lost", this game is also included in the plot.


Maihan: The game related to the zombie

In ancient Egyptian, the word "Maihan" means "coiled". The table game "Meihan" named after this word is closely related to the ancient Egyptian mythology about zombies. The earliest record of "Maihan" was in the coffin of ancient Egypt. Here, "Maihan" is described as a serpent-like protector, coiled around the sun god Atum, as the protector of his night journey. At the same time, there is also the saying that "Maihan" is actually the symbol of the reincarnation of the end of the snake Ulupoulos.


Patori: The belief about the origin of the universe

The word "Patoli" comes from Nahuatl, which means "bean". The game "Patoly", which uses beans as a scorpion, is named after this. The Patoli game is one of the oldest games in the Americas, and it may have been popular in Maya and Central Mexico long before the Aztec era (14th to 16th centuries). This game is not only popular with civilians and nobility, but also the last emperor of the ancient Indian Astica dynasty, Meng Teru, who was very popular in Mexico. He also liked to watch the nobles playing the game in the court.


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