Board Game Show Worth Attending

- Sep 21, 2018-

Board game show worth attending

Board games originated in Germany and have been popular in Europe an America for decades. People make friends through games. It is a face-to-face game with a strong emphasis on communication. Therefore, table games are the best way to communicate in a variety of situations, such as family leisure, friend gathering, and even business leisure. We tool stock of several world-renowned table games exhibitions worth of participation as a reference.



Sponsored by Friedhelm Merz Verlag Gmbh & Co. KG, SPIE is a famous table game in Germany and around the world. One of the video game exhibitions. The exhibition covers children, society, family, adventure, science fiction and other games, as well as competitions, courses and other projects, table games enthusiasts from all over the world flocked to celebrate the board game Carnival. As one of the largest table games exhibitions in the world, SPIEL is no less popular than any international game show. The scale of the show is almost twice that of other non-electronic games.



As a classic in the classic exhibition, GenCon is the originator of all game shows. It began in 1976. Many of today’s players are still not born at the time! Not only that, but it was incredible that the exhibition actually invited Frizt Leiber to be a special guest. GenCon is still the most comprehensive game show so far. However, it is still dominated by flat exhibitions, and game developers are not necessarily present at the show. The new ideas sprouting on GenCon will reture to the area after flowering results around the world.


UK Game Expo

The UK Game Expo began in 2007 and includes a series of events such as game exhibitions and demos for visitors. The show will select the UK Game Fair Awards, including board games, strategy, mini, cards, parties, families, role-playing and other types of game awards, Special award. The reason why the UK Game Expo is so popular is that the public can participate in the game, participate in the competition, play the role of the game, and have great participation and interaction.


Origins Game Fair

The Origins Game Fair has a long history and was first held in 1975. Since 1996, the venue has been fixed in Columbus, the capital of Ohio. Origins is organized by the Game Manufacturers Association(GAMA). It is design to serve games, including war games an mini games. Origins is the second largest tabletop show in North America.


CYW is a professional game producer and has participated in SPIEL 2017. We adhere to the concept of the exhibition to produce high quality, fun desktop games for our customers and consumers. CYW is willing to be your long-term cooperation supplier.

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