Counting Top Ten Boutique Single To Board Game

- Nov 10, 2018-

Counting top ten boutique single to board game

Among the tens of thousands of board games, the number of pure single player board game is not large, and most of them are too simple and of low quality. Fortunately, some board games that support multiplayer games can also be used for single players. The sole gameplay also enjoys the fun it deserves. Here is a look at the boutique single board games for one person.


1, Mage Knight Board Game

Players will play a magical knight in the game, relying on their own powerful ability and their armies to deal with the threat of orcs and dragons, and continue to take risks in the magical world under the control of the Atlantis Empire.


2, pandemic

In Pandemic, players have to play several experts in the field of disease resistance, using various strategies to find out the treaments before the plague is out of control, while ensuring that the disease hotspots are within reasonable control.


3, Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The background of Arkham Horro is taken from the myth of Cthulhu. In the game, the player should solve the problems in the whole series of battles in a small series called Arkham Bizarre event.

4, The Lorfd of the Rings: The card game

At the beginning of the game, each player can select onw or three heroes with different ablities, and use the player card set containing alies, events and appendages to complete the game and complete the mission goal of the selected story.


5, Friday

The board game works are also specially designed for single people to experience. "Friday" is one of the best, BGG pure single player board game first.


6, Eldritch Horror

Players play as investigators around the world to solve mysterious events caused by evil spirits.


7, Fields of Arle

In this board game, the players are transformed into the famer in Germany, through variious strategies to develop and build their own manor, to expand the land.


8, Onirim

The player enters maze as a sleepwalking cat and needs to find an exit and escape from the dream within the specified time.


9, Hostage Negotiator

As a negotiating expert, players have to negotiate with the gangsters who have taken hostages to achieve the purpose of saving the hostages or killing the criminals.

10, The Pursuit of Happiness

Players can customize their life plan from birth to death for their role.

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