Health Benefits Of Board Games

- Sep 08, 2018-

Health benefits of Board Games

Board games have existed since civilization was born. Their themes are varied, and healthy competition, playing or strategy is interesting. Board games are popular all over the world. Promoting mental health is as important as physical health. Here are five benefits of playing board games:


1, Relieve the pressure

Working day after day makes us feel stressed. Pressure needs adjusting. The true success of the board game, however, is in properly stimulating endorphins, the happy factors in the audience. From the visual to the psychological, it physically stimulates players to automatically produce endorphins. Give the player a natural euphoric feeling. Encourage players to get rid of their baggage, stress, and get back to the pure joy of the game.


2, Develops reaction speeds

The speed of response that is exercised in games can also play a role in real life. A study has shown that board game players perform better on speed tests than those who don’t play, which have nothing to do with computer game。


3, Improve memory and cognition

There are many kinds of board games, among which the game of intelligence development and thinking development occupies an important share. For instance, in chess game, you need to keep thinking about the next step, or even about where your opponent is going next. Virtually exercising your cognition and memory.


4, Children’s growth

Playing board games to teach children important social skills, such as sharing, communicating, waiting and enjoying interactions with others. In addition, they help acquire logical reasoning ability and promote the development of thinking. This is an important aspect of brain development. It keeps children focused and improves their language skills. Choose the right board game at each age. Make your child confident and ambitious and have more complex thinking skills.


5, Reduce the risk of mental illness

A U.S. doctor and colleagues asked 40 people aged 60 to 80 to participate in the study. They were randomly divided into two groups, one receiving board game training within a month and the other not. The game requires players to be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time, such as military strategy and managing the economy. The results showed that the game can keep players alert, improve their mental ability and ability to cope with various situations, and help fight brain aging and prevent mental illness.


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