How To Choose The Puzzle Board Game That Suits You

- Sep 28, 2018-

How to choose the puzzle board game that suits you


Board games in the past two years suddenly emerge in many puzzle games, this is a big positive for puzzle lovers, but so many products should be how the election? For puzzle enthusiasts, it is natural to have a series of sets, and for friends who are new to this circle, the speed of the first game may affect whether he will become a good detective.


The so-called puzzle is to uncover clues through a variety of information some of the puzzles, the game, the answer is often manifested in a set numbers or symbols, then get more information and puzzles. Generally speaking, these games have a fixed story, so they can be regarded as one-off games. The current mainstream puzzle series on the market are Escape Room: The Game series; Exit series; Unlook series; TIME Story series and Escape the Room series.


The biggest feature of the Escape Room is his puzzle device, a PIN box that needs to be powered on, and the game will give you a prompt when you insert the correct key into the box. There will be a certain story line reading at the beginning of the game or during the game. The overall difficulty of the game is moderate.


Exit’s puzzle system, although it is not as cool as before, but also very special. Each script will have a puzzle carousel, a stack of answer card, a stack of puzzle cards, and a cue card. Depending on the script, there will be different graphics or numbers on the puzzle carousel. Each script will have a booklet with lots of information that adds to the difficulty of the game.


The Unlock series uses APP software to assist and solve puzzle interactions, eliminating the need for cue cards, puzzle devices, etc., which is very convenient and user-friendly. I believe this will be the trend of future puzzle games. The size of the game accessories is small, and each script is a stack of cards.


TIME Stories emphasizes the story experience. Players as time management staff, through to various times to solve some strange events. The main fun is the story experience, the monsters and a few puzzles. For players who want to experience puzzle stories, but don’t really want to brainstorm their puzzles, it’s a good choice.


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