Three Exciting Board Games Waiting For You To Discover

- Oct 18, 2018-

Three exciting board games waiting for you to discover

CMON has also announced a new work "Trudvang Legends"

CMON has announced plans to launch its new play Trudvang Legends on KS next year. The game is based on RiotMinds’ previous successful run game Trudvang Chronicles, a narrative board game set in Nordic and Celtic mythologh.

Players will explore this mysterious continent through a series of adventure books. With the massive selection and interconnection of legendary stories, players will create unlimited possibilities in the game. With CMON's very sophisticated models and amazing artwork, Trudvang Legends is sure to make an exciting adventure in Nordic mythology!

Queen Games is in the Kickstarter crowdfunding “Kingdom Builder Family Box” until August 10, 2018, and delivers all games in November 2018.


Queen Games has launched "King Builder Family Box Edition"!

The King Builder's Family Box Edition includes the game base, Nomads extensions, and promotional extensions to Caves and Capitol. If you are not satisfied yet, you can choose the second edition of the King Builder Family Box! Includes all four extensions (Nomads, Crossroads, Marshlands, Harvest) and three promotional extensions (Islands, Caves, Capitol). At the same time, the crowdfunding also provided the Queen Games four-in-one bundle (including The Kingdom Builder Family Box, Luxor, Maharani and Kairo). Players who like the King Builder must not miss it~


Hiking National Park Second Edition!

Have you been to a national park in the United States? Now, sitting on the sofa in your home can enjoy the immersive feeling! Trekking The National Parks Second Edition (Second Edition National Trekking National Park) will allow you to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery without leaving your home. As you travel through the United States to explore these national parks, collect park cards and roadside boulder as much as possible. This game is the award-winning work of the Mensa Select award and a great family game. While playing the game, visit one or two national parks to learn more about geography and entertain!


With the development of board games, the board games released today have been the number of rivers in the Ganges. Players can choose their favorate board game according to waht they like. CYW Produtions is a professional board game manufacturer in China, and cooperate with the US design team to custom design games and production. If you are interested in manufacturing board game, welcome contact us and make your game idea come ture.

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