Top 10 Gen Con 2018 Games

- Sep 13, 2018-

Top 10 Gen Con 2018 Games

Gen Con, America’s largest tabletop show. CYW took stock of 10 popular games at the show.

1, Coimbra

A game of dice wheel. The game supports 2-4 people, duration 60-90 points. The background of the game is Portugal in the 15th-16th centuries. In order to gain the honor of the ancient city of Coimbra, you need to establish good relations with the nearby monastery, hiking and so on.

2,Forbidden Sky

Designer Matt Leacock is a well-known cooperative game designer. The closed sky is the forbidden island, and the third work of the confinement series after the confinement of the desert is still a cooperative game. The game supports 2-5 people and the game duration is 60 points.


A hand management, pattern building game. Designer Emerson has produced a trilogy of spices. The game supports 2-4 people and lasts 30-45 points. The game's accessories mainly include 4 player layouts, 4 different coral reefs and 1 knife card.

4, GWT: Rails to the North

Cattle expansion is a very good German strategy game, currently ranked 9th in the BGG list and 8.3/10 player rating. In order to be the most successful Mississippi rancher, players will take the railroad to Chicago, Detroit, New York and other cities.

5, Welcome To

A "Throw the Dice Filling the Numbers" game. The game supports 1-100 people and the game time is 25 points. The players in the game played American house designers in the 1950s, each designing their own different homes, earning points and winning.

6, Exit third episode

The cooperative decryption game series produced in 2016 won the SDJ Black Label Award last year. The game does not require an auxiliary app and has a certain amount of text. Currently, Exit has produced 2 seasons and a total of 6 boxes of games. There will be folding, scribing and other operations in the game, so that the game can only be played once.

7,Terraforming Mars

Colonial Mars is a card-driven game produced in 2016. Currently, BGG ranks top 4, which is a masterpiece of German-style strategy games in recent years. It will release two major expansions this year: Terraforming Mars: Prelude and Terraforming Mars: Colonies.

8, Root

In October last year, KS's crowd funding game Root was in stock at Gen Con in August. The game supports 2-4 people and the game duration is 60-90 minutes. Root last year KS finally had 8454 to participate in crowd funding, amounting to $631,770, which is a very good result for a non-model board game.

9, Detective: A Modern Crime

This is a collaborative puzzle game that supports 1-5 people and has a game duration of 120-180 points. In five different modern crime cases, players play as investigators. With the help of the database, reveal the truth behind the case.

10, Yellow & Yangtze

This is the new version of the famous designer Tivoli's classic game Tigris & Euphrates. The background of the game has been changed from the Tigris River and the Euphrates River in Babylon to the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers in China, and the artist has also designed a new design.

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